At the beginning of October, the “MY IDEA” campaign was decided and the most interesting solutions submitted by employees in the first half of 2020 were awarded.

Out of 71 applications, we selected 4 winners and originators of the most entertaining initiatives.

The award-winning ideas concerned various production areas as well as increasing work safety. All ideas brought countable and interesting effects for our organization.

We congratulate the laureates and thank all employees who submit ideas for sharing their innovative ideas, because thanks to such activities we can “constantly develop, create interesting and wisely serving things”.

The next edition of the “MY IDEA” program is underway, and the decision is scheduled for the beginning of next year. We encourage all our employees to share their knowledge and submit further ideas. Now is the best time to fill out the application forms.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that as part of the “MY IDEA” program, you can also submit ideas for preventive measures related to the occurring COVID-19 threat, which we can implement in the life of our company.

We strongly encourage you to submit your ideas.