Culture and Values

Culture and Values

Culture and values

n its long-term strategy, the Werner Kenkel Group has incorporated the principles of sustainable economic development policy, the key elements of which are to promote social progress and conduct business activities with respect for the natural environment. We have achieved this goal thanks to the high organisational culture and company values, those being:

modernity, responsibility, partnership, transparency and family.



The priorities of the Werner Kenkel Group’s activities as regards the implementation of its environmental objectives are to monitor and take into account the environmental impact of its operations and to constantly develop management and employee awareness in this regard. In order to protect the environment as much as possible, Werner Kenkel manufactures cardboard and packaging based on recyclable raw materials. In addition, in order to maximize environmental protection, our own sewage pre-treatment plant is used in connection with the production process.

The Werner Kenkel Group undertakes actions for permanent and planned reduction of any adverse impact on the environment through appropriate process management, continuous modernization of production and the use of technologies and devices affecting its protection. The overarching goal for our organisation is to also protect natural resources by reducing electricity consumption and fuels, implement rational waste management based on continuous structure analysis, and segregation which includes consumables, devices and packaging for their disposal. An important element of implementing environmental policy is maintaining constant control of raw materials and production processes.

In addition, Werner Kenkel promotes pro-ecological ideas among their recipients by means of appropriate marketing activities and supplier selection procedure. We also endeavour to educate our employees on the goals and assumptions of pro-ecological policy.

To implement the ecological policies of the Group, Werner Kenkel provides appropriate resources and means, and all employees are required to implement these and the objectives set out therein to an extent that is adequate to the position and function performed in the organisation.

Environmental policy is regularly communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of our organisation. To maintain continuous improvement, each of its assumptions is periodically reviewed for its relevance, timeliness and policy coherence.

Strategy and development

In all its activities, the Werner Kenkel Group takes into account the principles of ethics of best business practices, the key element of which is supporting employee rights and creating safe jobs.

In addition, as a company operating in the business-to-business sector, Werner Kenkel makes every effort to ensure that the created and used solutions targeted at clients meet their essential requirements, and at the same time have the least negative impact on the natural environment. Particular emphasis is placed on developing relationships with customers. Efforts are made to achieve sustainable development by conducting economy in the field of raw materials, processes, products, waste and emissions by applying the latest technological achievements and implementing modern pro-ecological technologies.

One of the effects of the pro-ecological strategy is the granting of White Certificates to Werner Kenkel. The company, through the construction of a modern, fully ecological, high-efficiency cogeneration unit, in connection with energy-saving measures and broadly understood energy efficiency – was among the winners of the tender of the Commission appointed by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

All employees are responsible for implementing the sustainable development policy. Periodic verification of assumptions and control of policy compliance is the responsibility of the Management Board of the Werner Kenkel Group. The sustainable development policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the Group and it is publicly available. At the request of those interested, the Werner Kenkel Group provides information on its activities in this field.