Social responsibility

Social responsibility

What is social responsibility for us?

Social commitment is proof of our long-term, responsible thinking, while at the same time building the image of the Werner Kenkel Group. We are part of the local community from which we have grown and which we help create.

In this way, we have become a company that provides stability, social security and giving a sense of pride; not only to our employees, but also to their families and the entire region in which we operate.

We have many specific examples of implementing this idea. In caring for local societies, we assume that even making the smallest gesture can make a great change in the way we live. The beginning of this thinking was given by Werner Kenkel – the company’s founder.

In 2007, our company and the commune of Włoszakowice set up the “We are – so we help” Foundation. One of its goals is to support the Community Self-Help House for the disabled that has been named after Werner Kenkel. In addition, we cooperate with various local social and government institutions, and also take part in many projects related directly to corporate social responsibility.

After starting business operations in Lesser Poland, from the very beginning we have supported similar initiatives that have been implemented in the Bochnia region. An example of this is the systematic cooperation with the “Auxilium” Foundation for Aid for Disabled People and Children and Young People.