In the series of our publications on environmental care, we would like to remind you that at the end of last year, the Forbes Polska magazine awarded our company the title of the CLIMATE LEADER 2021.

We have already written about the eco-friendly boiler room and electric trolleys and conveyor belts that form a horizontal transport system in our production plants.Here is another handful of information about our company’s environmental activities, which made up the above distinction.

This time about the systems implemented in the company in connection with the care for the natural environment:

– ISO 140001 – environmental management system.

It confirms that in the production plants of the Werner Kenkel Group the standard of the International Organization for Standardization, which supports environmental protection and pollution prevention, has been implemented and operates in a manner that takes into account socio-economic needs in accordance with the idea of sustainable development.

– FSC® – the standard of responsible forest management.

FSC® Product Chain of Custody is an information that allows you to track the path that products from the forest have traveled, or in the case of recycled materials – from the recovery site. The FSC® certificate confirms that the wood materials and products purchased and sold by the company come exclusively from certified forests (managed in accordance with applicable law and good environmental protection practices, economy and with respect for the social values of the population living in a given area.

As a curiosity, it should be added that on territory of 3 production plants located in Krzycko Wielkie and Bochnia grows 900 trees, which not only aesthetically complement the landscape, but also maintain adequate soil moisture, provide shade on hot days, but above all produce large amounts of oxygen.