In this year’s edition of the Forbes Polska Family Business Ranking, our company took third place! The production plant in Bochnia received an award, which was collected by Tomasz Sypniewski, Sales Director in Bochnia.

This ranking is created on the occasion of the Family Business Forum of the “Forbes Polska” magazine. It is an annual series of meetings with the most dynamically developing family businesses.

Family businesses occupy a special place in the field of entrepreneurship. The bonds between their members are visible already at the first meetings. They provide opportunities for greater involvement of managers, quick response to crises, and great stability for employees. Family businesses are also particularly sensitive to caring for the local environment and charitable activities.

All the aforementioned aspects were particularly analysed when creating the Ranking, and our company’s activities were noticed and appreciated.

Most of the companies featured in the ranking started operating in the early 1990s. Werner Kenkel began its operations in 1979 and will celebrate its 45th anniversary next year. Today we are among the largest Polish private companies, which is confirmed by the latest report also published by Forbes Polska magazine.

“The origin stories of these companies are fantastic, often set in difficult times of transformation. The stories of family businesses differ from those of corporations in that they are more emotional and full of vivid characters. The owners of these companies are very active and creative people who are currently undergoing succession in their companies and once again have to face new challenges”, says Magdalena Lemańska, moderator of the debate during the Family Business Forum Gala in Poznań.

One of our values is FAMILY, which means that:

We work together as individuals and teams, sharing our knowledge and experience. Thanks to mutual support, kindness and trust, we contribute to achieving our common goals.