Pirates have moved into the Leszczyńska Galeria Książki, and that’s all ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​thanks to our colleagues from the Product Development Department. Since 5 April, the children’s library looks like a treasure island. ​​​​​​​The cardboard entourage resembling Tortuga was made by designers and visual artists from Werner Kenkel.

The new arrangement had its official premiere on Saturday, 15 April 2023, during the second edition of the event titled “Werner Kenkel and Friends Read to Children”. This time, a company known for its creative educational activities for the local community, i.e. Wodociągi Leszczyńskie (Leszno Waterworks), was also invited to co-create this reading event.

The glass skylights now house aquariums, with whales, sharks, crabs and octopuses swimming inside. The dinosaur cave was replaced by a pirate ship, which turned out to be the biggest challenge. Due to its large dimensions, it had to be delivered in parts and glued on site.

Some of the books are now in large oak barrels, while in front of the library, there is a huge treasure chest and a photo wall. There are anchors, ship steering wheels, lighthouses and a lot of sea creatures.

Werner Kenkel reads to children

We celebrated the refreshed interior design of the library with a reading marathon, during which adults read stories about pirates to children, such as:
“The Pirates Next Door”, “Max Builds a Pirate Ship” or “Woda żywa” (all these books can be borrowed at the library).

Apart from listening to exciting stories about pirate adventures, there were some other interesting activities. Children could take part in the workshop titled: “Rainbow in a test tube” and check the properties of liquids of different densities. There was also an opportunity to build a well and look at microorganisms living in rivers under a microscope. Children could also find the path of water in the pipelines in the water experiment. At the end, the event participants listened to a chemistry and physics lecture about water, its properties and role in nature. Thanks to the experiments presented by Mateusz Stocki, children learned about such concepts as sorption, adhesion, cohesion, solubility, association, dissociation, specific heat, viscosity, synthesis and phase transitions.

It was an “explosive” Saturday in the library, where no one can ever be bored. This place is full of emotions such as curiosity, joy and satisfaction.