On Saturday, 30 October, the children’s library at the Leszczyńska Galeria Książki was taken over by cowboys, horse thieves, sheriffs and Native Americans. In a new setting – straight from the Wild West – books were read to young listeners as part of the project “Werner Kenkel and Friends Read to Children”.

A few days earlier, the children’s library underwent a metamorphosis. Our youngest readers were taken to the world of cowboys, Native Americans, wild horses and stagecoaches. From a pirate island, the reading room turned into a Wild West Book Salloon, all thanks to our colleagues from the Product Development Department, who prepared a new cardboard scenery. In return, the Library invited employees of Werner Kenkel and, in line with the theme, local “sheriffs” from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Leszno to read to children together. Hence, such books as “Bolek and Lolek in the Wild West”, “Magic Tree House 10: A Wild West Ride” or “Time Travelers: The Balbuenas’ Adventures in the Wild West” were read.

During an art workshop, out of glue, feathers and beads, children made their own Native American plumes, which they proudly wore for the rest of the event. Local police officers – modern sheriffs – also prepared some surprises. The first one was a show with a police tracking dog, which amazed us with how quickly it could find the right track. The children were delighted with its abilities, and they all wanted to pet it. The children also had a police car at their disposal, which they could get into and turn on the siren. Who has never wanted to do this? The demonstration of forensic techniques was also very well received. The children learned how officers work at a crime scene, how to look for fingerprints and how to protect shoe prints.

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